How to Improve Your Sleep to Improve Your Migraines

A good night's sleep can mean the difference between a good, productive day and a Migraine day.

7 Tips to Ease Migraine Pain

Even if you avoid triggers and practice healthy habits, you may still experience migraine attacks. Here are some home remedies that might bring relief.

Weather & Outdoor Migraine Triggers

From Allergies to Weather: What You Should Know About Outdoor Triggers

What Are the Different Types of Migraine?

Like apples, migraine comes in different varieties. Understanding your specific diagnosis will help you recognize the early signs of a migraine attack, so you can treat it quickly for your best chance of relief.

Have you heard of SEEDS - here are 5 ways to help you understand

The SEEDS mnemonic describes five types of lifestyle changes that can reduce environmental triggers and help manage migraine.

Melatonin and Migraine

Melatonin and Migraine: Can This Sleep Hormone Put the Headache Nightmare to Rest?