My alternative therapies

1 year 4 months ago #22 by NZJen
These have all either helped my migraines to be less (less often, less severe) or occasionally even aborted them.

This is what I do if the prodome arrives and I know Im going to get a migraine. I massage my neck 9front and back) with antiflamme (which contains lavender etc) and also rub a few drops of peppermint oil in the center under my skull. I put on my acupressure bracelet (called sealegs as is also used for seasickness). I take magnesium and B2. I splash my face with cold water every few minutes for 3 times. I get my icehat out of the freezer and wrap it around my head. because it is basilar migraine I put the part with most ice at the BACK of my head. I have also found it helpful sometimes to put it around my neck.

As for preventative - apart from trying to eat mainly non-processed foods, I NEVER eat anything with sodium nitrate (bacon, ham, hiding often in pea and ham soup, and pate, allegedly 'smoked' foods that really have sodium nitrate) Sodium nitrate/titrite are napalm for basilar artery migraine.

During the lockdown I was shocked that I suddenly had all these extra migraine blackouts. It took a long time to figure it out, because I had got those under much better control by avoiding the soduium nitrate and I knew I hadnt had anything with that in it. but fortunately I chart things and discovered it was the SOUR DOUGH BREAD many of us made in lockdown. Never again, and havent had another one of the blackout kind since this discovery.

Good luck everyone and watch out for being too pill focused, try and do as much as you can with other things, and watch out for overuse headaches from the medications.


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